2023 Baldrige Conference in Milwaukee, WI.

Conference: INSPIRE! A dynamic global excellence gathering for connecting, discovering, learning, and sharing.

At INSPIRE!, you can expect an immersive and empowering experience that will ignite your passion for excellence. Through engaging keynotes & pre-conference workshops, networking opportunities, and inspirational sessions, you will gain the tools and inspiration to elevate your leadership, drive exceptional performance, and make a lasting impact on your organization.

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  • Workshops


    2023 Basics & Beyond
    Leader2Leader Collaborative - FORMING

    The Partnership for Excellence’s Leader2Leader Collaborative is a year-long professional development program, which is grounded in the Baldrige Excellence Framework and consists of educational sessions, best practice sharing, peer networking & collaboration and leadership growth.

    Each cohort begins with a strategy session where participants engage in team building activities, hear lessons from Baldrige recipients, conduct a mock strategic planning session, and establish goals for the year. On three occasions, throughout the year, participants will participate in a day of best practices led by Baldrige/TPE award recipients.
    Instructor: Margot Hoffman, Ph.D.,
    President/CEO, The Partnership for Excellence
    2004 TPE Governor's Award - Dana National Baldrige Senior Examiner

    Location: Sessions will be delivered onsite & virtual.
    Date: Exact dates TBD in November, 2023.

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    Questions? Email Lauren Browning, Director, Training and Administrative Services, or call: (901) 830-4499.

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  • Webinars
    Third Thursday Webinars

    Sept 21, 2023 Webinar

    4 ideas that will change the way you see your competition.
    19 Sep
    Date: September 21, 2023
    Topic: "Achieving Excellence - 4 ideas that will change the way you see your competition"

    Details - PAST EVENT -All organizations face diverse issues that constantly stretch resources. Issues like changing customer expectations, fighting for talent, data and security, and sustainability - the list is long and the challenge to meet new demands is only changing faster and getting harder to manage. So how do you achieve the success you want given the diversity of issues you face and the limits to resources you have? Join Mike Gratz as he shares four ideas that will change the way you see your organization.

    Mike Gratz currently serves as the Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence helping ogranizations improve their performance and achieve their goals in the states of Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana. Prior expericence includes serving as CEO to multiple small early stage, or start-up organizations in the field of biological technology. Mike has driven innovation by introducing patented technologies in eery oganization he led.

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    August 21, 2023 Webinar

    4 ideas that will change the way you see your competition.
    17 Aug
    Date: August 17, 2023
    Topic: "Preparing for the Future: Establishing Utilities University"

    Details - PAST EVENT - Join us for a webinar with Bret Weingart, Assistant Director of the Utilities Department in Oklahoma City, as he unveils the success story of Oklahoma City Water & Utility Companies' In-House University. What does it mean to provide some of the nation's best drinking water and cleanest streets? Discover how this pioneering program addresses the challenges of an aging boomer generation and newer employees lacking interactive and technical skills. Learn about the core components, including the new employee onboarding program, training competencies, supervisory/management training initiative, and maintenance and operator certification programs. Don't miss this opportunity to explore game-changing strategies reshaping the workforce for the next fifty years at Oklahoma City Water & Utility Companies.

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    July 20, 2023 Webinar

    Transforming Our Organization Using KPM.
    20 Jul
    Date: July 20, 2023
    Topic: "An Overview on the New 2023 - 2024 Baldrige Excellence Framework. "

    Details: - PAST EVENT - A detailed overview of the two-year revision process, overarching themes and key revisions of the 2023-2024 Baldrige framework.

    This webinar is designed to give participants an overview of the latest revisions to the Baldrige Excellence Framework booklets and their Criteria (business/nonprofit, health care, and education). The latest, two-year revision process will be explained, from the pursuit of feedback from all levels, to interviews, literature reviews, and webinars. Then, the overarching themes of the 2023-2024 Baldrige framework will be discussed, including why they were chosen based on feedback received and discussed. Finally, key revisions in each category and major section of the framework will be highlighted.

    Dawn Bailey has been a writer/editor for the Baldrige Program since 2002. She served as the project manager for the 2023-2024 Baldrige Excellence Framework booklets. She holds a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Connecticut and a master’s degree in creative writing and editing from George Mason University.

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    June 15, 2023 Webinar

    Transforming Our Organization Using KPM.
    15 Jun
    Date: June 15, 2023
    Topic: "Transforming Our Organization Using KPM"

    Details: - PAST EVENT - Build your processes, communication, and accountability around your customer! Data, data, and more data turned into a story.

    Wade Aschbrenner is the External Affair Officer for Altus Schools. The mission of Altus Schools is to bring a quality educational option to all students with the philosophy to put kids first through a personalized approach to education. Wade is responsible for facilitating external communications and community outreach for Altus Schools. He is beginning his 14th year at Altus Schools and has over 25 years of educational experience. He works closely with charter school operators, community organizations, and local elected officials to maximize the positive impact of charter schools in the San Diego region and to ensure that all students and families have access to high quality school options. In 2021 he was named the Government Affairs volunteer of the Year by the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce.

    Wade currently serves as Vice-President of Alumni Engagement for the San Diego State Alumni Board and Secretary for the Rotary Club of La Jolla. He is a member of a of numerous organizations in the San Diego Region that support children and families, those include the San Diego for Every Child, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce Education Committee.

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    May 18, 2023 Webinar

    Cartooning in Quality.
    18 May
    Date: May 18, 2023
    Topic: "Cartooning in Quality"

    Details: - PAST EVENT - Craig “Doc” Plain, Ph.D., Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, award-winning Speaker, Shingo Prize Winner, retired Lieutenant Colonel and lifelong doodler will present "Cartooning in Quality."

    Artists need not attend. Charts, process maps, and other graphics are useful in Quality. But have you ever used a cartoon? Cartoons increase team engagement, simplify explanations, and provide an engaging way to promote process improvement. So, whether you can't draw a stick figure or love to doodle, attend this session to see how to use drawings and graphics and get people talking and working together in new ways.  Craig “Doc” Plain, Ph.D. is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, an award-winning Speaker, a Shingo Prize Winner, a retired Lieutenant Colonel, and lifelong doodler. Doc has over 20 years of process improvement experience having facilitated over 200 improvement events for General Electric, US Air Force, US Navy, Kaiser Permanente, DaVita, and more. He has led process improvement programs for international companies and organizations up to 74,000 people. He shares his knowledge and experience by teaching at both Graduate and Undergraduate programs. Doc has been a keynote speaker, given Ignite Talks, and presented at numerous conferences and seminars.

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  • TPE Events


    2023 - The Partnership for Excellence features speakers and workshops to advance organizational excellence.
    11 SEP
    2023 Quest for Success Conference has concluded!
    • 9-5

    The TPE Quest for Success or QFS, has concluded. Thanks to all our sponsors, members and volunteers who worked tirelessly to help us execute one of the best performance excellence oriented programs in the Midwest.

  • Training


    No Training Events at this Time

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  • Baldrige National Events
    2023 Milwaukee Baldrige National Conference
    16 OCT
    2023 Baldridge Fall Conference
    • Map Link - 2023 Baldrige Fall Conference, October 16-17, 2023

    Inspire! A dynamic global event for connecting, discovering, learning, and sharing.

    We are thrilled to announce the 2023 Baldrige Fall Conference will be held on October 16-17th, in Milwaukee, WI
    at the Italian Community Center! Connecting with peers and other like-minded individuals to build your “excellence” support network.

    Discovering how to exemplify performance excellence where you work, live, and learn.

    Learning ways to ensure performance excellence is a key business strategy for your organization.

    Sharing & gaining proven practices you can apply in your own organizations or communities.

    Inspire! is created for teams of leaders and practitioners who are embracing performance excellence and continuous improvement in roles such as:

    • Executive Leadership
    • Operations
    • HR/Organizational Development
    • Quality/Safety
    • Finance
    • Healthcare Professionals
    • Customer Experience/Satisfaction
    • Marketing/Outreach
    • Patient Experience Leaders

    Visit the official Baldrige Conference website for upcoming events.
    The 2023 Baldrige Fall Conference

    Italian Center, Milwaukee, WI

    2023 Government Excellence Summit
    25 OCT
    Government Excellence Network Summit Website
    • Map Link - October 25th from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. CT in Springfield, IL

    "Inspiring Sustainable Excellence in Communities"! The 2023 Government Excellence Network Summit is a one-of-a-kind event designed to bring local government and non-profit leaders together.

    Join us for a shared learning experience that will empower you with innovative strategies and practical solutions to drive excellence in your community. The program covers the three pillars of transformation: People, Process, and Technology, and will provide you with a clear path to excellence in today's challenging, resource-constrained environment.

    Visit the official Baldrige Conference website for more detail.
    The 2023 Baldrige Fall Conference

    Springfield, IL