2023 Quest for Excellence Conference, featuring speakers and workshops to advance organizational excellence.

Conference: Learn how your organization can achieve outstanding performance. Join us at the premier showcase of Baldrige Award recipients April 2–5, 2023 (Sunday–Wednesday), Gaylord National Harbor Resort and Convention Center, National Harbor, MD (just outside of Washington, D.C.). Official Conference of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, brought to you by the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program at NIST. website for more details.


  • Workshops


    2023 Application Writing
    How to Write a Baldrige Application - OPEN

    The Partnership for Excellence (TPE) is excited to offer a six-week web series on how to write or strengthen a Baldrige/TPE application. Sessions will be delivered via video conferencing on Tuesdays from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET (12:00 – 1:00 p.m. CT) from February 21 – March 28, 2023. To enhance learning, short homework assignments (approximately one-hour per week) will be assigned between each session.

    The series will cover how and why to use the Baldrige assessment process, the basics of the Baldrige Excellence Framework, how to gather the right information to develop an application, who should be involved in writing your application, how to organize and format an application, and the application process. Highlights also include how examiners assess an application, how to show a process is systematic, an understanding of core competencies, and a crosswalk from components of the organizational profile to items in the criteria categories.

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  • Webinars
    Third Thursday Webinars

    March 16, 2023 Webinar

    Delivering on our Commitment to Community Performance Excellence.
    16 Mar
    Date: March 16, 2023
    Topic: "Delivering on our Commitment to Community Performance Excellence."

    Details: Beginning in October 2016, leaders across the country have joined the Communities of Excellence (COE) National Learning Collaborative with the goal of using the Baldrige-based COE Framework to support their communities in identifying and measuring key initiatives to address community health and wellbeing. Stephanie Norling will give a progress update on these communities and their performance excellence journeys and will describe how these experiences have led to an ambitious new strategy

    Stephanie Norling has been Executive Director of Communities of Excellence 2026 since 2014. She participated in the development of the Communities of Excellence Criteria, adapted from the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, and launched a National Learning Collaborative of communities to support use of the framework. Stephanie has a BA in Anthropology from Tufts University and an MBA and Certificate in Nonprofit Management from University of San Diego. Prior to joining COE, Stephanie worked for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement as a Project Coordinator and at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. She is also a National Baldrige Examiner and serves on the Alliance for Performance Excellence board

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    FEBRUARY 16, 2023 Webinar

    Becoming a Superhero to our Customers and Community
    16 Feb
    Date: February 16, 2023
    Topic: "Becoming a Superhero to our Customers and Community"

    Details: PAST EVENT - Monstrous customer service is an evil our customers need to be rescued from! The webinar will provide practical tips on how to combat this enemy with a robust and effective customer service strategy. You will gain knowledge on how to identify and implement an effective approach (aligned with the Baldrige Criteria) for identifying, measuring, and improving customer service at your organization.

    Polly Walker is the Manager of The Office of Performance and Innovation (OPI) for the City of Henderson, Nevada, a 2021 recipient of the SWAE Pinnacle Award of Excellence. OPI maximizes organizational performance by providing strategic planning, customer experience, data management, and continuous improvement support and coordination. Polly has 28 years of experience in regional, county and city government. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA from University of Phoenix.

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    JANUARY 19, 2023 Webinar

    Introduction to Baldrige Critera
    19 Jan
    Date: January 19, 2023
    Topic: "Getting Acquainted with Baldrige"

    Details: PAST EVENT - This webinar is designed to introduce participants to the Baldrige Criteria. It is the perfect jumping off point to start your Baldrige Journey. You will learn the history and structure of the Baldrige Program, the benefits of self assessment and feedback, the structure of the Criteria, and how to focus improvement and communication efforts.

    The objectives of the webinar are threefold. First, to demystify Baldrige and help participants understand that the framework is practical and intended to help organizations get better. Second, is to provide a few bite size ways for organizations to get started. And lastly, is to energize a bigger "Why" for Baldrige, a why that is less about the award and more about embracing a journey of performance excellence.

    Presenter: Pattie Skriba is the retired Vice President of Business Excellence for Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, a 2010 National Baldrige Award recipient and is also a former Judge on the Baldrige Panel of Judges. Since retiring, Pattie has continued pursuing her passion for helping organizations achieve performance excellence utilizing the Baldrige Framework.

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    DECEMBER 15, 2022 Webinar

    Key Process Improvement Using ADLI
    15 Dec
    Date: December 15, 2022
    Details: PAST EVENT - "ADLI In Action" Fred Ervin and Rhonda Boso-Suggs will present how WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center improved a key process by applying the Baldrige concept of A.D.L.I. (Approach, Deployment, Learning, and Integration). In 2022, WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center received The Partnership for Excellence’s highest-level award, the Governor’s Award for Excellence. During this webinar, they will present outcomes of their corporate project Blood Culture Contamination Reduction, which demonstrates A.D.L.I. in action.

    Fred Ervin, MHA, RN, BA is the Director of Decision Support and Performance Improvement at WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center in Parkersburg, WV. He started his nursing career in 2004 as an ED nurse. Since then, he has transitioned into leadership as the Trauma Program Manager, Director of Risk Management / Patient Safety Officer and has spent the last two years in the Quality Department. Fred earned his MHA from Ohio University in 2020, Associates in Nursing from WVU of Parkersburg in 2004, and holds a BA in Chemistry from WVU. He is currently serving his second cycle a TPE Examiner.

    Rhonda Boso-Suggs is the Assistant Vice President of Ancillary Services with WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center in Parkersburg, WV, a role she has held since May 2020. Prior to that, Rhonda worked with Camden Clark for 29 years in a variety of roles from the bedside to leadership. Rhonda chairs the Baldrige Committee at Camden Clark, and along with her team, is instrumental in guiding the organization along its journey to excellence and incorporating the Baldrige Framework in its processes. Rhonda has served as a TPE Examiner for five years and an Assistant Team Leader for two of those years. Rhonda is passionate about accountable leadership and honing her leadership skills. She recently completed the West Virginia Hospital Association’s 2021/2022 Leadership Academy. Rhonda holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in Speech-Language pathology.  

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  • TPE Events


    2023 The Partnership for Excellence Quest for Success Conference
    13 SEP
    2023 Quest for Success Conference is open!
    • 9-5

    TPE Quest for Success 2023 has new opportunities and materials available.

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  • Baldrige National Events
    2022 Baldrige National Conference
    2 APR
    2023 Quest for Excellence Conference
    • Map Link - The 2023 Quest for Excellence Conference, April 2-5, 2023

    The three-day virtual showcase will feature the 2021 & 2022 Award recipients as well as former recipients.
    Join us at the premier virtual showcase of current and former Baldrige Award recipients Sunday, April 2 – Wednesday, April 5, 2023. Join us to learn about their best practices, which will be featured in both live and on-demand sessions as well as archived for viewing after the event, so you don’t have to miss any of the action. We look forward to making Quest accessible to more people than ever before!

    Quest for Excellence is the official Conference of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, brought to you by the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program at NIST.

    Over the coming weeks and months, the NIST will be working through the many details needed to make the virtual event a success, and we will continue to share key information on the schedule, registration, and more. So, check the event links below regularly to keep up-to-date on the developments. The 2022 Award recipients will be announced in November 2022. Registration for the conference will open in December 2022.

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    Visit the official Baldrige Conference website for upcoming events.
    The 2023 Quest for Excellence Conference

    Gaylor National Harbor, MD