Award Recognition Levels

Award recipients honored for organizational excellence using the Baldrige process at the 2021 Quest for Success Conference by The Partnership for Excellence

Above: Hendricks Regional Health was a 2019 & 2020 Gold Award recipient and in 2021 was the Governor’s Award for Excellence recipient.

Comprehensive Assessment

The Partnership for Excellence (TPE) assists organizations using the internationally-recognized Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. TPE's primary product is a comprehensive assessment that helps organizational leaders better understand and prioritize key strengths and opportunities for improvement.


TPE's main focus is organizational learning, innovation, resource optimization, continuous improvement and results.


Evaluation Process

Applicants are evaluated rigorously by a team of examiners in seven areas defined by the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence: leadership; strategy; customers; measurement, analysis and knowledge management; workforce; operations; and results.

The evaluation process for full applications includes more than 1,000 hours of review and a three-day visit by a team of examiners to clarify questions and verify information in the application. An independent panel of judges reviews each organization's evaluation, approves the final feedback reports, and recommends the award to the TPE Board of Trustees.


Award Recognition Levels

Organizations entering this long-term quality journey are recognized with an Award at the following levels:
1. Advising Level – Spirit Award
2. Partnering Level – Pioneer Award
3. Examining Level (Full Applications) receive one of four awards:

  • Platinum – Governor’s Award
  • Gold – Achievement of Excellence
  • Silver – Commitment to Excellence
  • Bronze – Pledge to Excellence


Award Recipient Recognition

The Partnership for Excellence award recipients are honored at TPE's Annual Quest for Success Conference held in Columbus, Ohio. All of the high-performing organizations will be presented with their achievement awards at the awards banquet.


Past Award Recipients

2000 - 2021 Award Recipients - PDF