Video: Baldrige volunteers share their personal motivations and professional benefits about serving as an examiner. Baldrige Baldrige Examiners: Outstanding People, Exceptional Service. Retrieved from Baldrige YouTube Channel.

Become an Examiner and Develop as a Leader

The Partnership for Excellence depends upon volunteer examiners who dedicate hundreds of hours of time, energy and commitment to our mission of “cultivating performance excellence in Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia."

Trained examiners help an organization identify its strengths and opportunities for improvement. The examining team develops a feedback report to the applicant organization, allowing them to continue on their journey towards world-class performance.

Examiner Profile

TPE examiners come from all sectors and regions of Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia. All are trained in the Baldrige Criteria to help applicant organizations identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Personal and Professional Growth

For many examiners, the exposure and experience has been invaluable in their career. The combination of learning and applying the Baldrige Criteria with regionally based organizations can be a rewarding role both personally and professionally.

TPE - Board of Examiners, Team Leaders and Panel of Judges.

The Partnership for Excellence is grateful and appreciative to have such terrific team members who contribute so much to this organization. Review thePanel of Judges Process Handbook with the Examination Cycle and Awards Process timeline.

Start Locally, Finish Nationally

The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program annually seeks applicants for its National Board of Examiners. The Board supports and evaluates the performance improvement of all types of organizations—businesses, schools, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations, including government agencies.

Prospective examiners (including those who previously have served on the board) must apply each year. To fulfill one of the basic aims of the Baldrige Program—expanding the United States' base of knowledgeable, trained examiners—a portion of the board always is reserved for new examiners.

Invest in yourself and your future

If you're willing to invest in yourself and your future, plus commit time and energy, we encourage you to apply as a TPE Examiner.

Examiner Applications

Examiner Brochure - National

Please read the "Get on Board as an Examiner" Brochure - as it addresses commonly asked questions and provides insight on the demands and rewards of becoming an examiner - at the national level.

If you would like more information about being a national examiner, visit the NIST - National Examiner Resource Center.

TPE Examiner Badge

Examiner Badge - 2022

Examiner Badge

We trust that only 2024 Examiners, Advising & Partnering Coaches, and Trainers will use this badge. Download the TPE 2024 Examiner Badge as shown by right-clicking on the link and selecting "Save Link As" and save to your desktop or appropriate folder.

Thank you for volunteering as an Examiner with TPE in 2024!