The TPE Quest for Success features Baldrige Performance Excellence workshops and speakers to learn more about organizational excellence

Above: TPE staff members present an award "For Outstanding Service to TPE" to Board of Trustees member, Dee Hammel. From left: Dianne King, Dee Hammel, Elaine Edgar and Casey Mackert.

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Training - The Quest for Success Conference

The Partnership for Excellence offers many training and education opportunities. This September, TPE will host the annual Quest for Success, the Midwest's premier conference for performance and operational excellence.

The 2023 Quest for Success Conference will showcase the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipients and TPE Award recipients. Performance excellence professionals will deliver cutting-edge presentations with improvement strategies you can immediately apply to your organization.

Historically, this has been an excellent opportunity to attend presentations given by nationally recognized award recipients who not only share their journey, but share their processes as well.

Many who attend the Conference go to get insight on current best business practices. It's refreshing to hear in the presenter's own words, what worked and what didn't. Many presenters share their mistakes along the way, sometimes in very candid and humorous ways, but all show their process and progress towards their goal of achieving excellence within their organization.

After the conference, presenters post their presentations on the TPE website for those who attended the conference. Many attendees stay in touch with the contacts and presenters, and continue to build their network of excellence advocates and advisors.

TPE Quest for Success

Training from the Quest for Success Conference is more than classroom lectures and quickly written notes. The learning process is also the networking within the TPE family and sharing of thoughts, ideas and processes.

Margot Hoffman
The Partnership for Excellence
Quest for Success Conference

Training - Examiner

Trained examiners have the opportunity to help organizations identify the strengths they need to sustain high performance. The examining team develops a feedback report to the applicant organization, allowing them to continue on their journey towards world-class performance.

Baldrige Examiner Training is a demanding immersion in Baldrige theory and application. The learning experience is often compared to an accelerated MBA program because it teaches the components of organizational excellence in a very short time. For others, being an examiner allows them to stay on the leading edge of what drives excellence in organizations. Being a Baldrige examiner shares best practices of high-performing organizations and advances professional leadership development.

Being an examiner leads to many discussions about how to best fine-tune organizations, and for many, the exposure and experience are invaluable assets to their career development. The combination of learning and applying the Baldrige Criteria can be a rewarding role both personally and professionally.

TPE Examiner

Being an examiner is often compared to an accelerated MBA program because it teaches the components of performance excellence in a very short time.

Margot Hoffman
The Partnership for Excellence
Become an Examiner

TPE Workshops

TPE offers Examiner training, LeanOhio, Six Sigma, and other workshops throughout the year. Check our workshop page for details, dates and times.

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TPE offers informative presentations and training videos at our website library and Vimeo library.
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Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

The national Baldrige Program educates leaders in businesses, schools, health care organizations, government and nonprofit agencies about the practices of best-in-class organizations. Their website provides many learning opportunities.
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